A Gift for Mike..

So, Mike’s gift has had a few revamps. First it was going to be painted by the girls, then it one was going to be painted by me and the other two by the girls, THEN it was going to be painted by just me and THEN it was going to be the wood transfers done by the girls and FINALLY it was just me doing the wood transfer.

I think it turned out rather nice.

Last night the wooden boxes looked like this after I adhered the images with gel medium.


After 10 hours of drying I applied a damp/wet wash cloth to each side of the box. I let the water soak into the paper until I could see the image underneath, I probably should have let it soak a little longer but I couldn’t wait! Then I started rubbing off the paper. The initial rubbing took off a bunch of the top layer.

Here you can see what this side looked like after one rubbing and a light second rubbing (right side) and further rubbing on the left side (probably 4th and 5th).


This was after 3 rubbings. Making sure to lightly dampen my fingers and getting the side wet and waiting a couple seconds before rubbing again.


This is the end result! Not sure if the white spot is from too much rubbing or where there wasn’t enough gel medium.


Here is the project almost completed. I have to put a clear sealer on it.


Mike wants to add a rolling thing under it so that it can spin.

What do you think? đŸ™‚


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