Ribbit.. or rippit..

So late last night I started working on my Hitofude and then some where I musta dropped a stitch or something because when I finally got to the actual pattern at the end of the 250+ stitches I was 1 short.. so I rippited it all out..  and started again..

Now I’m back to where I was yesterday.. and I’ll work on it again today. 🙂 I checked my stitch count like 15 times.. and have lots more of markers this time..

I think I need to get on that project bag and some needle stopper/holder things.. 😉

Also need some unflavored floss to use as a.. oh what is it called.. umm place holder.. life saver.. you know you knit in it and if you have to pretend your a frog and rip-it out you don’t have to go back to the start.. any way some floss for that.. oh I can’t wait to see the pattern start to be visible!! 🙂


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